Buhari has defeated Tinubu before now and he will continue to defeat him alive or dead – Idoko

Public affairs analyst, Idoko Ainoko writes on the recent politicking that was evident during the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari in the public spehere. He writes from Kaduna state. Read below: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is really the odious, typical Nigerian politician.

All is fair, if it is fair with him and his clan of Western sycophants and elsewhere. Everything must be rubbish and messy, anytime he misses his political steps.

Nigeria should go into convulsion because one individual by the identity of Tinubu has headache last night over a political meeting that never ended in his favour.

The lust for power is crazily pursued. To say the obvious, Nigerian politicians can spring surprises anytime they deem fit like now that President Muhammedu Buhari is recuperating from an ailment. Homes have stopped functioning; offices have closed in Nigeria; farms have stopped churning out food; markets have closed in Nigeria.

What else? Schools too should have closed; Law chambers and courts have also gone on sabbatical leave. And of course, roads in Nigeria, linking diverse regions and communities have closed in the thinking of the Tinubus. And they are very few; but equally very loud and clandestinely pushy.

All calculations are geared towards who controls the strings of power at the center; not necessarily to offer service to Nigerian masses, but to nourish their family fiefdoms. Generally, Nigerian politicians never lack jobs all season.

They are always busy 24/7, scheming and plotting in empty fields. But the sane ones among them have stopped campaigning for 2019. Yet, there are also those who run riot about politics anytime, anywhere. They are the wise ones. They claim God Almighty has endowed them with enough political wisdom.