OMG!! Two Lovers Jointly Poison Their 6-Month-Old Baby, Their Reason Will Make You Cry

Two lovers are currently in police net in Gwarinpa after they allegedly gave a liquid substance suspected to be rat poison to their six months old baby.

According to Police sources, the incident happened on Tuesday at about midnight when a 23-year-old man identified only as Abdullahi and his 17-year-old lover, identified as Hasiya might have conspired to kill the baby girl because she was delivered out of wedlock.

Hasiya, according to City News had invited Abdullahi to come check on the baby, who was sick, on Tuesday.

According to Police source, “Abdullahi gave her money to buy drugs from a nearby pharmacy and administered it on her. After taking the tablet, the baby started vomiting some foamy substance.” The source revealed further that a resident alerted the police after the incident led to a great chaos in the area.

The Gwarinpa Divisional Police Officer, CSP Nuruddeen Sabo said the suspects were not staying together and he described them as boyfriend and girlfriend.

He added that preliminary investigation showed that the lovers conspired and administered a liquid substance suspected to be rat poison popularly called ota pia pia, on their six months old baby.

The poisoning was discovered as a result of a smell of the poison perceived on the baby. “The baby died and was taken to hospital for possible autopsy while the suspects are in police custody,” he said, adding that investigation was still on.