Obasanjo the grand patron of Supreme Kegites Club pictured gyrating (photos)

Probably you never knew that Nigeria's ex-President, Olusegun Obasanjo, is the grand patron of the Supreme Kegites Club of Nigeria. The 80-year-old ex-President, was pictured gyrating with his club mates in Abeokuta, Ogun State. 

The Kegites club or the palm wine club is the most popular socio-cultural club in the Nigeria. The club originated from the University of Ife ile ife (now known as obafemi awolow university). The club was formally formed in (1962). The club had its 1st chief in the person of PROFESSOR OLUSEGUN ADESHINA. Incidentally, since the formation, the club has undergone various kinds of transformations. For instance, the club had its 1st female member (okpeke) in the person of L.S.F DUKPE AJAY. She was the 1st female to join the club in (1968).

In (1974), the club started spreading to other schools in Nigeria with Ilya Du Tractor (Federal College of Agriculture Akure Ondo State Nigeria) as the first Ilya to get a Keg of Office (accreditation) from the World Headquaters. While the first Ilya to get a Keg of Office in Imo-Abia hemisphere is Ilya du Kokoroko (Fed. University of Agric. Umudike, Abia State).

In 1986, Chief ANTHONY UZODINMA OGIDI became the first and only Igbo man to be made a World Chief, and it was during his one year reign that the name of the Club was changed from Palm Wine Drinkards Club to Kegites Club International. This change was basically because members of the club were being connoted to be drunkards and irresponsible people.