Man raped and murdered girl, 3, an hour after he was pictured with her at party

A paedophile has been jailed for 40 years after raping a murdering a three-year-old girl just an hour after he was pictured playing with her at a birthday party.
Vladica Rajkovic, 28, was seen ‘entertaining’ children at the party before he kidnapped and then later killed Angjelina Stefanovic in a woods near Vratarnica in eastern Serbia.

The 28-year-old later told police that he had also raped and murdered his neighbour Dragana Stankovic, 47, several years earlier.
In the picture, Angjelina is seen alongside other children, one of who is clambered over his back.
The court was told how the little girl was taken into the woods, 700 metres from the village, where she was raped then killed with a large rock.

When it was noticed that the little girl was missing, the killer’s father called him to ask if she knew where she was but their conversation was interrupted by the sound of screaming.
During the trial at the high court in Zajecar, Rajkovic denied murdering the three-year-old girl in July last year.

He claimed her death was an accident and that he was carrying her while walking and fell over, causing the fatal injuries.
But he was found guilty and sentenced for both that crime and for killing his neighbour Dragana Stankovic, 47.
Rajkovic admitted to officers that he had murdered her then dumped her body in the Timok River, in the eastern part of Serbia near the border with Bulgaria.