Man breaks into home to steal vodka and fried chicken

Imagine returning home from work and finding a man making fried chicken in your kitchen.

And not just any fried chicken – the chicken you had been saving in your fridge for your dinner.

Oh, and imagine said man had also helped himself to a glass of your vodka. Annoying, right?

Well, that’s exactly the scene a woman from Florida walked into after a long shift on Thursday.

According to police, Ronald Gregory Wesly, 34, had broken into the woman’s home shortly after she left for work.

He then made himself at home – and cooked up some food.

Sadly for Wesly, his joy was short lived, and he ended up being arrested and charged with burglary by officers from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

People on Twitter, however, seemed to find the funny side of the situation.

One said: ‘People don’t appreciate random acts of kindness.’

Another said: ‘Was the chicken any good? Asking for a friend.’

According to the Gainesville Sun, Wesly is currently being detained in Alachua County Jail.

He also faces two previous convictions of theft.