Champions League: Neymar in Tears as Barca are knocked out without scoring

Barcelona are out of the Champions League, thoroughly undone by a wonderful Juventus team. The other semi-finalists must figure out how to score against them.

Flags are being waved in the Nou Camp, Barca fans are not saying goodbye to the Champions League with a whimper. This will be the third time in four seasons they are out in the last eight.

Barca, by the way, have had 19 shots. Only one has been on target. That tells a story.

Imagine if Juventus and Monaco meet in the semis or final. Breath-taking attack against the most miserly of defences. It would be like when Homer Simpson took up boxing, with his plan being taking so much punishment that his opponent eventually collapsed in a heap.

Neymar was in tears as he left the field. As a Brazilian who plays for Barcelona, he probably doesn't lose very often and certainly doesn't take it well.