Arsenal fans protest outside training ground to demand Arsene Wenger leaves

Arsenal’s protesting fans have gone a step further today by taking their cause to the Gunners’ training ground.
A group of disgruntled supporters have been making their feelings increasingly known in recent months.

There was a protest prior to the 2-2 draw with Manchester City on Sunday, including a van covered in ant-Arsene Wenger slogans. A plane trailing a ‘Wenger out’ banner was also seen in the sky during Arsenal’s loss away to West Brom.

Today some supporters are protesting outside Arsenal’s London Colney training complex.
A banner reading ‘OUT THOUGHT, OUT-FOUGHT, OUT-DATED’, which was seen outside the Emirates at the weekend, is on display. Another reading ‘Wenger out, no new contract’ is also visible.

Two fans wearing masks have also been pictured this morning. One wearing a Wenger mask is holding a trophy with a placard ‘4th Place Trophy’ underneath. The other is wearing an Alexis Sanchez mask and has two toy dogs. He’s sitting on something that has a sign reading ‘Naughty Step’.

A clock set to the time 1.50 is also on display, presumably a reference to the 10-2 aggregate scoreline defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League suffered last month.