9ice: Singer Reveals How He Can Still Win The Grammy


Nigerian singer, 9ice, has insisted that his dream of winning the prestigious Grammy Award was still intact.

The singer famously assured his fans in one of his early hits, ‘Street Credibility’ that he would bring home the most coveted prize in music when he sang, “don’t doubt me, I will bring home Grammy…”.

When asked whether he still harboured such aspirations by Punch, 9ice said, “I am still working on bringing the Grammy to Nigeria. Abraham Lincoln tried several times before he became the president of the US while Buhari tried about four times before he became president. As long as I am still doing music, I can still get the Grammy.”

He also dispelled rumours that his relationship with his ex ‘Coded Tunes’ label mates, Olamide and Reminisce had gone sour, asserting that he maintained a good relationship with the rappers.
“There is no issue between myself” Olamide and Reminisce. The reason I was not at one of Olamide’s concerts was because I was not in the country and that was the same reason I missed Reminisce album listening party. During the last Sallah, I was at Reminisce’ house and that was where I ate Sallah meat.
It is just that our schedules are tighter now. I was on Olamide’s first album and he was on my last album. I have so many songs with Olamide that are yet to be released.

I also feature in about four songs with Reminisce that have not yet been released. I am on his recent album. The only album Reminisce has pushed out and I was not there was ‘Baba Afusat’ and that is because I travelled out of the country.

I have been on all his albums. It is just that I have a busy schedule now. Imagine if we want to have a Coded Tunes concert as big as all its artistes are now; don’t you think it will be a big budget that would require lots of time to take Olamide out of his terrain, it has to be worth it for him to come and participate.

Those are some of the factors. It is not as if someone is fighting or angry with anybody. There is nothing like that,” he said.