Unbelievable! Man Kills Wife In Front Of Their 5-year-old Daughter (See Shocking Details)

A man has shocked people with his unbelievably criminal act after sending his wife to an early grave in front of their kid.

A five-year-old girl reportedly had to witness the death of her mother as she was stabbed severally by her husband.

According to reports from EXPRESS, a 5-year-old girl had to witness the murder of her mother at the hands of her father.

The 29-year-old victim, Prisca Thandeka, was murdered on February 27, by her husband identified as Sebeshi Zacharia Mojela, a security guard.

The couple met as teenagers and eventually had their 5-year-old daughter, even though Thandeka was still searching for a job after completing her tuition.

According to a family friend identified as Raele Lambani said the deceased’s daughter saw her father kill her mother.

She said: “She apparently kept begging him not to kill her mom and kept saying, ‘No daddy, stop killing mommy.”

According to Lambani, Mojela had completed a security course and was not known as a violent person.

She said: “I really don’t understand what happened. Maybe they had some sort of problem but if they did, she never mentioned anything to us, Thandeka was forever smiling and kind, so we couldn’t tell if she was unhappy or not.”
Thandeka and her husband and their daughter, before Thandeka was murdered

A family member said she was set to start work before her death:

“She entered a learnership programme with Edcon, during which she performed very well and was hired permanently as a debt collector. She was again recently promoted and was supposed to start working as a manager.”

Sources reveal that even though the couple had different surnames and there was confusion over whether they were just dating, that they were in fact legally married.

“They married about six or seven years ago. I’m not actually sure if they had a wedding but her (Thandeka’s) mom told me they went to go sign at home affairs in Kempton.”

Lambani claims that the last time she spoke to the deceased, she was okay:

“My sister and her had a normal conversation and she sounded just fine. She was even mentioning that she still owed my sister a lunch date.”

Thandeka has since been buried, while her daughter is in the care of her grandmother (Thandeka’s mother). Mojela has been charged to court and appeared before a judge for the second time on March 14, four days after his wife was buried.