Usain Bolt Opts Out Of 2018 Commonwealth Games (See Reasons)

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, has confirmed that he will not participate at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Bolt, however, said he will feature in this year’s World Championships in London.

The Jamaican sprinter, who was recently stripped of his 2008 relay gold destroying his ‘treble treble’ record, said: “To come out here next season, to really train as hard as I need to get to the level I need to win, it’s not going to happen,” Bolt told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday.

Bolt is preparing to lead an international team of “All Stars” in the Nitro Athletics series, against four other teams representing England, China, New Zealand and Japan.

“It is going to be great, going to be something different. Like cricket and Twenty20, it’s going to be different,” Bolt added.

“I feel it will catch on — it’s going to bring a lot of excitement to the sport.

“It is going to be something different, not going to be normal — a lot more exciting. I feel personally it is a great idea. This is why I am a part of it.’’