Trump Calls Buhari: 4 Things The Call Means For Biafra And Nigerians

News that President Donald Trump is expected to speak with President Muhammadu Buhari and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa on February 13, 2017 has generated buzz.

Geoffrey York who is the Africa correspondent for The Globe disclosed this via his twitter page.

President Buhari is in London, UK where he is on extended medical leave after he postponed his return to Nigeria citing medical reasons.

The call which is scheduled for 3:45 pm will have a lot of impact in the as there have been rumours that Buhari is too sick to rule the country. Here are some of the deductions that will be made from the call:

1. Trump’s feelings on Biafra

When Donald Trump became president of the United States of America, pro-Biafra supporters staged a rally in his honor in Rivers state, Nigeria on his inauguration. Donald Trump did not however acknowledge the rally or the pro-Biafra agitation.

As the pro-Biafra supporters are against the Buhari government, Donald Trump calling Buhari will be a big blow to their quest fro validation from the US and other countries.

2. He was not shunned

During the Trump inauguration, there were rumours that the new president had shunned Buhari as he was not called when Trump won and was not invited to the inauguration.

However, calling Buhari today will show that Trump actually values the relationship between the two countries.

3. Immigration problems

One of the major problems of the Trump administration has been the immigration ban on some countries and resulting problems with entering the company.

Speaking to Buhari might have a positive effect on Nigerians tplanning to travel to the US and engender positive relations.

4. Nigeria-America trade relations

Under President Obama, bilateral relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United States of America were good.

President Donald Trump’s call might mean that trade relations will continue and Nigeria and the United States will continue to be close allies.