Open Letter To Sergi Mavrodi

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        First of all I will like to thank and appreciate sergi mavrodi for coming up with a system that is designed to reshape the financial structure of the society, a system that has lifted many away from poverty level and also made many millionaires.
I am a student of the premier institution in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, a blogger and also a participant of MMM.
Some recent development in the system after the pause mode or break was over is not really good for the development of the system, i dont know who the decision makers are? but i think the decision makers does not comprise the people who are really affected by MMM.

Recently there was a decision to leave the mavros of 2016 on hold up and then participant should plegde help before they will be able to get help of the mavros of 2017 which is not good for the system that is battling with participant trust. In my own opinion, that is not good for the system.
Here is my take on this issue: The recent decision does not take care of thing rather it will only make thing more worse.
It doesn't give confidence to partipant whose money are still in the system or who have PH and have never recieved their money back or who have never ever GH at all before the pause mode
what that does is still to make people more afraid.
we the current active user of MMM are the one who will make MMM work back and for others to see and come join us, i understand that if there are no enough PHs there is no way everyone is gonna be paid but we are still the one who will show people that MMM still works and right now our money is there and you ask us to leave it and still put another money without uncertainty about what is coming.
Here is my take on this:

1. All mavros should be released but certain percentage of the mavros should be allowed to GH by the participants with the instruction to PH a certain percentage back into the system, that is, 50% of mavros should be allowed to GH and 25% of the money GH should be PH back in to the system and anyone who doesn't comply shouldn't be able to GH the rest of 50% of their money still in the system with that in few months MMM will be back on its feet again.
note everyone should be ask to PH 25% of total GH being expected in other to make this work.

2. I applaud the decision to freeze all guider bonus for now many of them are made millionaires through this system they should come together and come up with something to give back into the system for it to find its feet again since the motive of the system is to fight greed of the financial distribution of the society

3. Any participant who fail to fulfill his/her PH should be removed permanently what MMM needs now is an active participant not people who upload fake POP or who are not serious, these people should be blocked away totally from the community this is a good steps towards development and should be implemented.

4. And lastly something should be done about this mavros that keep growing daily, it has grown beyond normal 30% of MMM so it has to be controlled or regulated or take back to normal growth of what it should be at the end of normal 30days so as not to have more than enough money to be paid in the system, it will be better if this mavros can be traced by date and take to normal 30% growth and put on hold till they are paid off.

I will end it by saying that MMM is not a bank and did not hold anyone's money so we that have PH order to fulfill should go ahead and fulfill our pledge we are largely the people who will oil the wheels of MMM for it to start rolling back again.