Mother Mistakenly Threw Her 5 Months Old Baby From 3 Storey Building (Read How It Happen)

A resident in Agege, Lagos is in hot situation after a careless mother mistakenly threw her 5 months old baby from 3 storey building.

Exactly around 4pm yesterday, people of Agege run down to a careless mother to safe her baby from living the world at a premature age.

According to how the eye witness tells one of our officials. He said the woman was playing with her baby close to the house window by threw her up all because to cheer the baby up, but mistakely she threw the baby up but she missed the target and the baby fell down from the last floor of a 3 storey building.

People around trys to come rescue the baby but on getting there, the baby is dead.

What a bad story to tell the father of the baby.

Note:- Woman please be careful of threw your baby up close to the window and even though it’s good you don’t even try to do that.