Ronaldinho Reveals Why He Can Never Be A Coach

Brazil legend and former Barcelona star Ronaldinho has stated he can’t go into coaching because his nerves cannot take the strain.

The free agent has also revealed he struggles to watch his former teams play a full game for 90 minutes.

The 36-year-old Ronaldinho will be watching from the stands as PSG take on Monaco, I don’t think it is something he’ll enjoy.

“I cannot watch 90 minutes, otherwise I suffer,” the Ballon d’Or winner said. “I like to see the best moments, the goals. That’s why I would never become a coach.”

Ronaldinho reached the pinnacle of the game with Barcelona, but it was at PSG that he made his name in Europe, and he remembers his time at the Parc des Princes fondly.

“Everyone respects me here and gives me a lot of hugs,” he added. “It’s a club that I love so much. I do not know why people love me so much here – I am speechless when I see it all.

“I am a son of PSG. When I arrived here, the gates of Europe were opened for me.

“My time here was very special. There were the games against Marseille and Bordeaux, the goal against Guingamp… these are moments that I cannot forget. To choose a favourite is impossible.

“I often speak with people who work at the club or who play here. The change of direction has not changed anything. There are still people who are here who were here in my day. I still keep in touch.”