my experience with a fraustrated seller - Sikiru Adewunmi

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The current economic status of the country has made people to act awkward and irrational so when its comes to buying of goods with an anonymous person or someone even know before you need to be more careful because of the following reasons

1. people disguise they want to sell something just to get to you.

2. people package what is not or not working perfect together with their aggression,  as a product for you to buy without no other option.

3. Don't deal with people based on Friendship when it comes to buying and selling

the second option was situation today when a simple and selling change to an attack, i was

It was early this morning at the campus of University of Ibadan that i sent out a broadcast message that i need to a digital camera but i got various reply but i decided to go for one which happens to be a distance friend, he sent me pictures of the camera, of course pictures of what he want me to see
but you know there no hidden place when it comes to the real thing so i ask questions that i could ask online hoping that i will know the rest when we see because he was a friend not knowing that i was wrong.

The issues he told me the camera had got escalated when i see the real thing, the screen screen was bad, it had no battery and not even a connecting cable we look for the battery around and we couldn't get so he suggested we to a queen cinema market around Dugbe in Ibadan to get the battery which i told him i had no money to go there and i don't plan on going from house which he said he will pay for the transport fees there hoping that I will pay for the battery, the cable and also pay him the agreed price for the camera.
immediately i saw the camera i knew it wasn't what i want, but i gave it a benefit of doubt because he was somehow a friend and told me how he needed the money so i wanted to help a friend so we went and when we get there the battery was cost more than my budget and even the real cable was expensive so my mind began to change that what i need is camera not a problem, but he was so blinded with the reality because he just want to get my money

I told them at them at battery sales outlet that am gonna come back for it so we left when we get to where we are take cab back to University of Ibadan Campus Main-gate, he told me we can't go together  anymore he had some other place to go and i should give him back his transport fare, he double the money and began to press on me to pay him or else he would surprise me which he did because he pushed me that i almost got injured and at that moment i realize how desperate he has become to get the money  and if he had his way he would rob me. but that is not possible because we are in a bus stop and people are there so that why is good to always choose an open place when you want to meet a buyer

Some kind and patriotic Nigerian came to us and ask what happened, i told to judge based on whatever he says but and after he finish nagging i was told told to pay the poor boy his claimed transport money, an highly respected man urged me to because i was about to behave like a child as he did but i heed the advice and gave frustrated guy the money just for the sake of peace.

lesson: don't deal with a buyer based on friendship, ensure all proper measure are taken and don't let emotion or feeling over rule your feelings or taught.

I shouldn't have let friendship come in the way of my business decision in the first place, i knew i wasn't gonna buy the camera anymore then i should have leave it at that.

I hope someone learn from this