Is Trump sore that Pence didn't defend him more?

Sources close to Donald Trump (pictured) are suggesting that the Republican nominee isn't so jazzed that his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, didn't defend him more at last night's debate Sources close to Donald Trump are suggesting that the Republican nominee isn't so jazzed that his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence (pictured), didn't defend him more at last night's debate
Sources out of team Trump are suggesting that The Donald didn't like how veep candidate Mike Pence won the debate, but didn't defend Trump
'That isn't sitting well with the boss,' a Trump aide told CNN's John King after last night's vice presidential debate
Some Republicans are expressing buyer's remorse as Pence outperformed Trump during his debate against Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine

Republican after Republican applauded Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's performance over Sen. Tim Kaine at last night's vice presidential debate.
But sources close to Donald Trump are telling CNBC and CNN that the Republican nominee isn't as jazzed, because his No. 2 outperformed the top of the ticket.
'The media is saying Pence won, but didn't really defend Trump,' a Trump aide told CNN's John King. 'That isn't sitting well with the boss.'

Additionally a Trump aide told CNBC's John Harwood directly after the debate that 'Pence won overall, but lost with Trump.'
Part of what's probably annoying The Donald is that Republicans are expressing a kind of buyer's remorse after seeing Pence's steady articulations of conservative principles.
In a segment this afternoon on CNN, the network's special correspondent Jamie Gangel explained that Republican sources were emailing her 'Pence 2016.'
'A lot of these people feel he's so good they wish he was at the top of the ticket,' Gangel said. 'One of my sources said, "He looks like a Republican, he sounds like a Republican and he really knows how to debate."'
CNN's Wolf Blitzer then asked if those sources believed that Trump doesn't look like a Republican or sound like a Republican – nor does the brash billionaire know how to debate.
Sources told CNN that Republicans were charmed by Gov. Mike Pence because he looked and sounded like a Republican - and he knew how to debate  
'Correct, correct, absolutely,' Gangel replied.
In the direct aftermath of the debate, the Republican nominee's son Eric Trump gushed over Pence's performance.
'Honestly, that's why my father picked him. He's poised, he was amazing, he is incredibly articulate, he was calming in so many ways, but he also lead with tremendous strength,' the young Trump gushed.
'I just think he did an amazing, amazing job tonight,' Eric Trump added.  On the other hand, The Donald's middle son found Kaine's interruptions 'annoying.'
But just across the spin room, team Clinton was already pointing out that Pence won by distancing himself from Trump.
'I think it's troubling that they don't seem to be acting as a unit,' Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook told 'And Mike Pence did not show up to have Donald Trump's back.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta echoed Mook's sentiment, giving it to Pence for having a 'smooth' debate, 'but he basically walked away from the top of the ticket,' Podesta claimed.
With Trump's weaker debate performance and now Pence's strong one, all eyes will be on The Donald when he takes the stage beside Clinton for a second time.
In part because Pence didn't quite answer debate moderator Elaine Quijano's question on Trump's taxes Republicans fear, according to Gangel's reporting, that it's going to be brought up again.
'They think it's a PR disaster,' she explained on CNN. 'Again, Mike Pence released his taxes ... and they're also really concerned it's going to be coming up at the debate.'
In the first debate Trump offered that he was 'smart' for potentially not paying income taxes and that was before the New York Times offered evidence that the businessman lost so much money in 1995 he could have skipped paying federal income tax for 18 years.
'They hope he has a better answer this time and he is preparing over and over again,' Gangel offered. 'Prepare, prepare, prepare.'

source: dailymail