Is H2i really a scam?

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Is it a scam to have a system that grants

financial freedom to her partners?
Is it a scam to have a system that creates a
platform for individuals to combat poverty at its

We always say fighting poverty is a collective
effort; Now instead of people stealing, cheating
or robbing they join their hands in good heart to
provide financial help to the less previllaged, is
that scamming really?

Is it a scam to see families that couldn't afford to
bring food on the table now able because of the
financial help they have received from H2i

Is it a scam to see students who couldn't afford
to have pocket money and monthly allowances
in tertiary institutions now able to afford it
because they joined H2i?

I will tell you what a scam is?
🔹 A real scam is to hinder people to their
financial freedom yet encourage them to keep
borrowing from your system so that they work
for you and pay the rest of their lives if they live
that long...

🔹 A real scam is to have someone work 40 years
of his/her life and after retirement that person
must take the fruit of his/her years of hard
labour and pay the debts and bonds that refused
to end because of ever increasing interest rates.
🔹 A scam is when your bank sends you an sms
alert to inform you that you have earned #0. 50
on your money, and later charge you #4. 00 on
the sms alert.

🔹 Working for a government and being paid the
same salary as when 1 Dollar was N165 till now
is a scam.

🔹 Working for government for years without
promotion is a scam.

🔹 Working for so long and just getting a sack
letter or retiring broke and in debt is a scam.
🔹 Serving your country for one year and crying to
get a job is a scam.

🔹 Not being paid salaries for 5 months or more is

🔹 Not being able to transfer your job to your
children is a SCAM.

🔹 Spending 6 years in Primary school, 6 years in
Secondary School, 4, 5, 6 years in Higher
Institution, 1 year Internship (for some) 1year of
NYSC and at the end you still roam about looking
for non-existing job is the REAL Scam.

Meanwhile someone somewhere is enjoying
financial freedom, making millions, driving
brand new cars etc all because they joined H2i
without submitting CV, NYSC discharge
Certificate etc....and people still say it's a scam?
Is H2i a scam? You can make your own
judgment as to who a real scammer is.

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