In Afghanistan Nokia phone saves man from bullet

The Nokia phone was destroyed but it saved a man. 
Peter Skillman, one of the techies who worked on developing the phone made the announcement on the surprising incident via his Twitter account.

Who would have thought it possible? A Nokia 301 phone has saved the life of a man in Afghanistan after a bullet aimed at the user failed to penetrate the device.
One of the developers of the phone, Peter Skillman made a comment via his Twitter account taking credit for the life saving phone.
He wrote, "A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week. The embedded bullet...."

A picture from the post showed the device totally destroyed but saved a life in the process.
There has been a lot of myth concerning the strength of Nokia devices which reportedly have the ability to endure ball falls and other phone accidents.
This incident is really a true test of its strength.