Evangelist and Medical Doctor wed after 10 years of dating

This cute couple Anthony and Vanessa Igbinosun started dating in 2006 & they got married in 2016.

Within 10 years of their relationship, the man is now an evangelist and the lady a medical doctor:
The wife wrote: Don’t get married to someone who you will discover tomorrow that they were not really the type of person you wanted to marry…marry out of purpose. Marry someone that you will not be afraid or ashamed to reveal your true self to. Adam and Eve were Unclad before each other and neither of them was ashamed. Marry someone who doesn’t bore you. Marry someone whose primary joy comes from giving you joy. Don’t marry someone who cannot be moved by your tears. Marry someone who can get angry with you and protect you with his own life at the same time. Marry someone you are attracted to. Marry God’s best for your life and you will not regret it. — feeling blessed.

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