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1. Salt and water
Nigerian girls have been using saline solution to prevent pregnancy since time immemorial. They use this solution in the absence of every other remedy.
After having s*x, ladies drink a concentrated amount of salt-water as a way of preventing the sperm from reaching the eggs.
The effectiveness of this solution can be proved with the increasing rate of unwanted pregnancy. Good luck with this method if you become hypertensive while trying not to get pregnant.

2. The squeeze and release
Some Nigerian girls are badoo, they know the game so well they do not bother using pills or drinking saline solution.
They simply go to the bathroom where they squeeze or tighten the muscles around their vagina (do not ask us how). After doing this, they pee and out comes the deposited sperm.

Some ladies do not bother with the tightening as they know how to make the sperm come out with less effort. Those ones are the gurus.

3. Schweppes
The next time you see a Nigerian girl guiding a bottle of Schweppes with all her effort, please let her be. Girls do not take this drink for the satisfaction of it, they have derived an unconventional use for it.
Taking this drink immediately after s*x is believed to prevent pregnancy, the rule is it must not be refrigerated. If you try this method and you end up giving birth to twins, do not beef the product by not sharing it at the naming ceremony.

4. Taking painkillers after s*x
Some Nigerian ladies have formed the habit of using painkillers immediately after having unprotected s*x.
Apart from the painkillers helping you get over the body pains you may have after contorting yourself into different shapes and forms, we do not see how these drugs will prevent conception.

And if you keep taking them to prevent pregnancy, that means the angel of death is asking you to come over.

5. Andrews liver salt and lime
Except you are keen on washing out your womb and intestines, that is when this drug will be effective. Nigerian ladies have different remedies they drink in order to avoid getting pregnant. Some drink lime tirelessly until their period shows.

Taking Andrew liver salt and lime in excess will give you more health issues to worry about apart from getting pregnant. It will start from you thinning out and looking like someone struck with a deadly disease.

6. S*x during period
While some ladies do not like being touched when they are on their periods, some seize the opportunity to have unprotected s*x. They know their chances of getting pregnant is slim or close to none. Even at this, the risk of catching an infection is higher.

If you cannot deal with the anxiety that comes with seeing your period after having unprotected s*x, then use protection.