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The last time was impactful, a lot of good response from people but one thing everybody accepted was work is a blessing but we are not enjoying it or many are not enjoying it.
Working for Adam was interesting because he was created to do it.  Genesis 1 vs 28 and God blessed them,  part of the blessing was to have dominion over everything. 

Many people are working for money not to be fulfilled. We all have dreams but only few of us are working towards actualising our dreams.  What makes a man who is the highest paid in his company to resign and pursue an idea boggling his mind? Why would a man drop out of Harvard University of all schools to start up an idea burning in his mind? 

If you are to enjoy your work you have to love what you are doing, it must be something you are passionate about.  Stop working to fulfil temporary dreams; buy clothes, buy cars, build a mansion, these are temporary.  Why do you think many people have and they are still not happy?  

Those things are byproduct of your dreams. The idea of leaving your work to do what you have in mind can be very scary.  Some people have thoughts like; what if I fail? To start from beginning?  At my age?.  But when you're old and on your bed, would there be something you would regret? Ha! I should have done this?  Pounder on this...
Not withstanding, there are many of us who really do not know, let me help you.
Ask yourself this question.
What is that thing I do so effortlessly?
What is that thing that in the middle of the night, if someone wakes me that lets do this I'll jump up happily leave my bed? 

You should be working in that line. So many of us would say its just my hobby I do it for fun. That's the idea make it your occupation and enjoy working. 

Not only that you get to enjoy your work, you get paid for having fun and sense of fulfilment. And happiness in old age. How sweet is that?

I hope we've gained something today. Drop your comments so we can learn from you also.  Gracias till next time.

Writer : Dedayo
Editor: Promise Ezenwa