Pastor Accused Of Rape, Abortion Of 13 Teenagers Says, ‘I’ll Marry All The Girls’

THE General Overseer of Tongue of Fire Restoration, Chukwuma Nwkocha, who was accused of abduction, defilement and illegal termination of pregnancies for about 13 teenagers has defended himself.
The 34-year-old indigene of Imo State said he was only aware he slept with one of the girls, Kingdom, adding that he promised to marry the 17-year-old girl. He also said he might marry all the girls if that would bring about peace.
The pastor stated that the parents of the girl and some of his parishioners were aware of his relationship with the her. “I only slept with Kingdom and I have the intention of marrying her. I know she is much younger, but I have seen in the country that a 15-year- old girl got married to a grown up man and it was not a problem. Her parents were aware of our relationship but they are not aware that we were having sex.
According to him, “one Pastor Stephen carried out abortion for Kingdom, and told her that he was not in support. Stephen also said he asked Nwkocha if he slept with the other girls and if he was aware that about six of the girls were pregnant.
Responding, the Pastor said, “I didn’t not sleep with them, I only gave them shelter in my church. I was trying to be a good pastor. When I come to church, these girls would say that they wanted to come and spend weekend at my house. I kept on dodging them, but one day I was placed in a tight corner, when one of the girl’s mother came to me and said that they had accommodation problem.
“I could not have turned down her plea, but she persisted that her daughter could be with me, so I helped out and it turned out like that for everybody. I couldn’t help one and leave the other. I also trained them in school”, he stated.
He also argued that the girls were not found in his house, but in the church, which was where they stayed.