Open Advice To my Fellow Students

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Top of the day to you all, i wished you all including myself success in our exams and by the grace of God we will all excel.

without wasting time it has come to my observation that the preference we give to past questions during exam is very high to the extent that most of us will not want to read the course materials again meanwhile past questions are meant to complement our reading effort so as to know our strength on the course when exam comes.

But reverse is the case as some of us most care and concern ourselves with the past questions and all we want to do is just pick the answer in the examination that is IF it comes and that is why most of us struggle to pass the course if the big IF question you rely on is actually an error as most of the questions are, Because most of it set prepared by someone like you who knows you will come for it during examination, this is not to say that you shouldn't get past question but use it to read your materials and to test and prepare yourself for the exam.

there are some case where by luckily we meet question we have treated in the past questions in the examination but still missed it because it has been twisted and all you care about is to supply answer not knowing that you are giving the wrong answer.

And also note that most of the questions are collate by human being like you and not angels like we so much believe in it, and you know human beings are not perfect machine and can make mistakes anytime.

please and please lets always treat the past question with our course materials, let ensure we know the area or section where the question is from in the materials so if luckily we come and across in the examinations we will still get it no matter how it is twisted.

my observation and opinion though

May God Crown our effort with success in this examination and victory in the end. Amin

Best Wishes
Sikiru Adewunmi