Bukola Saraki: Just like his Father

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When the elder Saraki went to the Senate in 1979, his shares with Societte Générale Bank were held in trust for him by his friend and confidant, Chief Kotoye a Lawyer and a Minister in the first Republic under Tafawa Balewa's administration.

To compete for Senate majority leadership, Dr. Saraki borrowed lots of money against the shares he placed in trust and used Chief Kotoye to stand as a guarantor for the loan.
However, when Buhari took over in 1984, and second Republic was dismantled, Saraki came back for his shares.

Chief Kotoye asked for the refund of the loan before the shares could be released to him, Dr. Olusola Saraki went to town, that Chief Kotoye a Lawyer wanted to steal his bank from him.
It became a court case between 1985/86, Saraki was very powerful with the press, somehow, Chief Kotoye was viewed negatively, to clear his name, Kotoye brought witnesses from France to testify in court.

Somehow, a day to the appearance of the witnesses in court one of the white French guys was killed, by suspected hired killers in front of the hotel in Lagos, the other one Mr. Burdillion escaped back to France, he never returned to clear Kotoye of the deal between the two former original owners of the bank. I believe Kotoye lost the bank and all his own shares to Saraki and ended in deep debt and financial crises after.

The children of Saraki inherited everything, but like everything in life it must end. Société Generalle Bank was destroyed, it went under in the same way Elder Saraki did to his friend and confidant Chief Kotoye, but in the case of the younger Saraki the law will take care of everything. And the sin of the elder Saraki may be revisited.

Chief Kotoye in Lagos at his Ikoyi office in 2011 shared his views on the case.
Stealing or greed is in the genes of all perpetrators , it could be a pass down generation in DNA., or where did you think Saraki got it from?

Where? Our children are watching us, we are the mirror for them, if we are committing crimes, they will do it, lay good example for your children, otherwise they will be worst than you.
You may wish to read " Ogun State Policy of Manipulation since 1976" and "The Vultures and the Vulnerable " for details of that Dr. Olusola Saraki Vs. Kotoye over the ownership of the bank. Thank God Kotoye is still alive.

Only two people can rain curses on any individual according to the holy book, your parent and your spiritual leader.
Dr Saraki disgraced his father politically at the tail end of elder Saraki's life, and he too is currently facing the same or much more political disgrace than the one he inflicted on his father.‪#‎History‬ is at work