6. She Keeps more than one Boyfriend
In as much as ladies enjoy the thrill of the chase by guys but when it gets into her head that she starts having more than one boyfriend, then it clearly shows she will soon become LovePeddler. Some even keep more than three boyfriends e.g one na sugar daddy, the second one na s*x machine while the one na handkerchief…e.t.c

7. Posting irrelevant and nu-d3 pictures on social media
Another sign of an intending runs girl is that she’s so much concerned about her body, hence, posting irrelevant  and nu-d3 picture every now and then on BBM, facebook, whatsapp and the likes for people’s validation on how she looks. In fact, when it becomes a point of duty for a lady to upload more than five pictures a day, then it shows she will definitely become a runs girl. Some of them dey our BBM list.I somethings wonder if they have their family members on theses social networks

8. Multiple piercing of Ear
Whether you agree with me or not, when a lady pierces up to three holes on the ear and nose after which she fills them with earrings dangling from east to west and north to south, then this is an indication that she’s gradually becoming a runs girl

9. Bleaching
When a young lady starts bleaching, be rest assured that she’s on her way to becoming a runs girl. Some of them will lie that it’s their real colour that is coming out due to good feeding and exercise. Smh

10. She bashes a broke dude
I had a serious argument with a lady few days ago when she said she can’t imagine herself dating her fellow student (imagine, an 100l student claiming she can’t imagine herself dating a 400l student let alone her course mate). Meanwhile, na married men dis girl dey parole with oooooo… Any lady is with this ideology will definitely end up becoming a runs girl.
Thats All…