Without much ado, here are the 10 qualities showing that a lady will end up becoming a runs girl.

1. She greedily depends on Guys for money
The reality is that when a lady is evolving into a runs girl, she will have such low respect for herself and greed for more money so that she can go shopping for a bunch of useless crap such as shoes, clothes, wristwatch, etc, to the extent that she will be willing to LovePeddler herself out just to satisfy her excessive desires and they mostly request from guys what even their parents cannot afford

2. She receives phone calls every now and then
Even though a lady is not a runs girl but the moment she keeps receiving calls from various men not for business purpose but for a date then it means that she’s gradually becoming a runs girl. Some of these ladies even pride themselves based on the number of calls they receive daily from guys.

3. She never appreciates little Gifts
A young lady who never appreciates little gifts is an ingrate and therefore has a great chance of becoming a prostitute. Just when you send recharge N500 card to a lady or you buy birthday card for her one her birthday and she calls to bash you that is that what your mates are giving as a gift? Be rest assured that she will soon become a wayward girl

4. She’s very Lazy
Like my lecture always says that laziness is the route to all evil. The moment a lady is too lazy to read or work towards making her own money then it shows she’s most likely to become a runs girl.

5. She often begs for recharge card
Another sign that a lady is gradually becoming a runs girl is that she never buys recharge card or subscribe for data bundle but always deem it as guys responsibility. Yesterday, a lady in my villa was bragging that she can never use her money to buy a phone, recharge cards or subscribe data bundle when there are guys at the beak of her finger to take such responsibility. Smh