Unibadan Is This a Joke? Are We Really On Break?

Unibadan is said to be on two weeks semester break, is that true?

Last week final year computer science students had a compulsory presentation that carried 30 marks.
Final year psychology students had a presentation and submitted an assignment
200 level educational management students, just finished exams on Saturday (2 days ago), and ever since have been busy with an assignment they are to submit today
100 level teacher education students are having compulsary presentations starring today and ends on Wednesday.
University of Ibadan is to resume fully for the second semester on the 13th for lectures to start on the 15th.

Students who are to be on break against the august 13th resumption are still tied down in school against there will, with no choice busy with school activities.

Peace of mind to the ones at home, Good luck to the ones still in school.

This is not fair, as students are now out of cash and just managing pending the time they would be free for the supposed “2wks brk” , which would turn out to be less than a week for many.

credit: uigossip