PHOTO: Woman Spends N6m on Plastic Surgery…You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now

A woman who has spent at least $20,000 by dedicating $10,908 every six months to look like a human Barbie has made a shocking transformation as she now looks totally different.

Meet Carly Mersola, 25, from Marina del Rey, California, who has splashed money on tanning, lip injections, hair extensions and bleaching her hair.
According to Dailymail, Carly has been spending big to transform her looks for the past eight months – and has more plans for her makeover. The bartender is now planning to increase her her 36F breasts to a 36G.

‘I want to look as plastic as possible,’ the bartender said. ‘It’s all about being a living doll, expressing yourself and being happy.
‘I love the attention, people looking at me thinking I look good.’
Carly says happiness to her means ‘going blonde, having big boobs and looking plastic’.
She said: ‘When I had brown hair I would dress in black all the time, wouldn’t wear make-up and didn’t like the way I looked.’

But, the boyfriend is not happy even though he likes her to be more natural. But, he can’t stop her from doing what makes her happy.
Carly’s boyfriend Chris Delisa, 45, a drummer said: ‘Chris actually preferred me looking less plastic but he knew that changing my appearance made me happier,’ she explained. ‘I would look at girls on Instagram and online who look like Barbies and think, ‘that’s my goal’.

‘So I went for the drastic change of dying my hair – and felt so much better about myself.’

Since then, Carly has had 26 inch hair extensions done every six months, costing $8,500 (£6,400), and injections into her lips to improve her pout, costing costs $2,500 (£1,900) every six months.

‘Having big lips makes me feel so much more confident and happy. I had thin lips before and was so unhappy about it,’ she said.
She has also started working on trimming her 32inch waist to 28 inches by hitting the gym five days a week. She funds her expensive surgery through bar work and make-up artist work.

She has now made major headlines and attracted a lot of attention to herself which she loves so much.