Open Letter to Prof Bayo Okunade

  It has become crystal clear the management has no focus, dedication and did not care about its students, as a student in the system, the system keep frustrating me with its inconsistency and lack of capacity to run a structured, organised and well planned academic calendar.

The management claim that the student is the cause of its continuous shifting of the deadline for the payment of the school fees, because they don’t pay up in the stipulated time but all these are nothing but a lie and a sell-able excuse to the student,  the management said it is listening to the view of the SRC[student representative council] who thinks it’s their solicitation and it is in the best interest of the students that the management is postponing the school fees deadline, but the management is playing along because it’s stands a great advantage and a better side while the losing side is the student because the more the delay  and shifting of the deadline the more it makes more money since all it cares about is the money while the students time is being wasted, and I know the management knows that the STUDENTs is the composition  Serious Technical Unpredictable Disciplined Entrepreneur Null and Trustworthy individuals.

So some of us are serious, disciplined and don’t joke with anything relating to our study, some are entrepreneurs, they do various jobs to meet up, and some of us are null and don’t care whatever the management says or do so while will the management waste the time of others because of the null and the unpredictable among us?

It is understandable if the postponement is just once or twice for the benefits of who have one or two issues in getting their money complete and all that will have been planned in academic calender already,  I know of some who did not meet up with the first deadline but later was able to pay after the first deadline and later she told if she had known she wouldn’t have ran the mad race she ran to get the money.

For a management that has well planned academic session about when the semester starts and when it should ends, things shouldn’t be ran this way, despite having a great advantage to take to write our CAs during the strike and now that the strike have been suspended we should write our exam, only GOD knows what will happen if the strike should start again, I pray it doesn’t affect us.

I know what I passed through just to meet up with my payment before the very first deadline, i know of a friend who went to secure loan just to meet up with the deadline too and some others who use various means to ensure that they pay the money before the first deadline so what should be our faith or did the management want us to wait till October before the first semester commenced all in the name of waiting for others to pay.

This case can be compare with that of the protocol the airline use in the dealings of its business, once you don’t meet up with the time of flight, the flight take off, they will not wait for u because you are stock in the traffic or anything.

All these are conspiracy by the management that’s why all they are deploying in the Computer Based Test Continuous Assessment [CA] is essay because general mark will be awarded for it and so even you just pay you can still get your mark [my opinion though]

Even if the management shift the deadline till December, not all will pay, and I know the management also understand this, so they should please and please stop this delay tactics and excuse to get more money and let’s wrap up the first semester because for someone like me who has started reading and preparing since February 2016 is already bored and de-motivated by the system already. And i sample the opinions of some of my colleagues it appears that they are already feeling the same way as me, I am the one who is urging them not to lose focus that I have lost already.
It’s enough that we have to spend 5years in the same course our colleagues in the regular mode will spend 4years, I know two of my friends who were very frustrated with the system and its dealings in the first semester of our first year and they later went to write jamb and they passed and now they are in their second semester of the 100level despite spending first session together last year under DLC mode, it's only one semester that is between us now and if the things continue like this only GOD know if they will not overtake me.

Despite having various channel to communicate with the students, there are several occasions where classes were cancelled or did not hold due to lack of proper communication between the management and the student or the management and the lecturer, a case study is that of the recent GES105 class which we all have to waste our money, time and energy and the lecturer did not show up, it was that morning that we were trying to reach the lecturer through his phone and discover that his number is not reachable and when we were staying and waiting for the lecturer if peradventure he comes he will meet us in class but we were later chased away by some people all in the name protest and later we discover that there was strike on campus and not even a test message was sent to us about it
What if someone among us tries to resist them and it lead to agitation, what did you think will happen?

No message was sent prior to the reschedule of the GES105 class but for someone like me who did not receive any message about the class and decided to stay at home so as not to waste my money and time but missed the class because of the improper communication.

I know that the management does not consist of men and women alone but also fathers, mothers uncles and aunts, so please helps take the necessary steps and kindly make amendment on the issues raised in this letter.