Justin Bieber pictured nude, dad jokes about it again

Justin Bieber nude
Once again, Justin Bieber's nudes make the rounds on Internet making his father, Jeremy Bieber, weirdly proud. Again.

We may never understand the weird love triangle between Justin Beiber, skinny dipping and his dad, Jeremy Bieber’s affection for his son’s p3nis, but it sure gets weirder.
Justin Bieber nude 
The “Sorry” singer was spotted on another skinny dipping expedition with rumored girlfriend, Sahara Ray and a group of Australian girls.
Wearing nothing but his birthday suit, Bieber frolicked in the water in Hawaii, enjoying a fun time with his entourage.
Ray chose to preserve some modesty, losing her bikini top but hanging on to the bikini bottoms as she posed in sexy snaps she shared via social media.
Justin Bieber nude with rumored girlfriend, Sahara Ray 
It gets weirder. Just as Jeremy had found something funny about his son’s junk from Justin's vacation in Bora Bora in 2015, he certainly found something to joke about once again.
Taking to his Twitter page on Saturday, July 6, 2016, Jeremy tweeted the words, “My boy” along with a cactus emoji interpreted to mean the male genitals.
Sahara Ray semi nude
The last time this happened, Jeremy had commended the size of his son's genitals, tweeting, "What do you feed that thing? #prouddad".

So far, Justin has been silent about the new nudes unlike the last time when he claimed the photos had been an invasion of privacy.