Indian women reveal the best sex positions that make them orgasm

Give your woman the most memorable romp session with these most popular and effective sex positions.

You don’t need to be extraordinarily creative or have Kamasutra memorised to make her orgasm. We asked a few women about sex positions that bring them to climax and the top ones in the list are sex positions that you are already familiar with. Wondering what the sex positions are? Find out what these women have to say about their favourite sex positions.

Reverse cowgirl
“I don’t know why I feel so much better in the reverse cowgirl position, but I am sticking to it. It helps me climax faster.” says Nadia.

Comment: The reverse cowgirl position allows her to take control. She can be in charge of the depth of the penetration and the pace, mixing it with deep and shallow thrusts. This can help stimulate the front of her vagina which is the most sensitive area.

Doggy style
Mina says, “I love the tease in doggy style. The perfect scenario for me is when my partner penetrates me with two or three fingers and then thrusts from behind. The penetration combined with external stimulation creates such a wow factor.”
Comment: Some women are crazy about doggy style. The penetration from behind allows the tip of your penis to touch her cervix which gets her crazy.

Woman on top
“My boyfriend loves woman on top. He says he can feel the sensations better but what it does for me is the fast-action friction during penetration. It feels so deep and intense. Some orgasms just not that great but with the woman on top, the orgasm is an explosion!”, says Buli.
Comment: Another sex position that will allow her to take control of her orgasm is woman on top. But the position works best when you make a joint effort. You can help her by moving her hips up and down.

The erotic V
For Sonam, it is the fun on the edge of the bed. She says, “If you haven’t tried the erotic V for your sexual pleasure you must. As I know from experience, you are going to take your orgasm to a whole new level. The deep penetration intensifies the orgasm like no other.”
Comment: Many women prefer the edge of the bed since it encourages deep penetration while she is lying on the bed with her hips on the edge. Just make sure that the bed is not too low and your groin is in line with hers.

“I love it when he rubs my body against his in the missionary sex position. I feel more turned on which results in a stronger orgasm”, says Tapasya.
 Comment: The eye-to-eye contact and the rubbing of the clitoris help women reach the big O in missionary. You can also try the anvil which is a variation of the missionary. The primary difference is instead of her legs on the bed, you have her legs on your shoulders.