I am humbly pleading and appealing to the Prof BAYO OKUNADE and the  entire Management of UI DLC to please do something swifty about the comatose pace we are moving as an institution (a well renowned one for that matter).

I strongly augur with the school of thoughts that believes every problem has its  solution.

Moreover,the fact that some people couldn't pay on time /the school fees payment being extended shouldn't have being a benchmark affecting our academic calendar. This act alone has ruined must of the student plans for this year especially d hustling/working class.

Two of my colleagues (economics dept) has halted the programme for other distanced learning institutions due to frustration and uncertainty of the road-map. More so, my types are indirectly being made subject of mockery at office due to d delay. "This is so so depressing"

Some students with idealistic objective are like "you people are complaining because you paid,all fingers are not equal bla bla.
I will like to let them know that "2012 when I couldn't meet d deadline of school fees payment in my then school Fed Uni of Agriculture, Markudi. I withdrew, hoping to continue the following year, until I got Admission here(UI).

The fact that some of us could beat the deadline doesn't mean that we are rich or financially buoyant. It's just that some of us have being pragmatic and proactive right from d onset, so those maligning us should stop using rhetorics to guilt trap us.

All being said, My dear humble director, I am still appealing to you to come to our aid, majority of us that took huge risk,loans and practicing a frugal lifestyle are dying in silence.

We need Action.

Thank You Sir.

This is coming from a Loyal Student.