Hotter Sex: 6 things every man must tell his woman in bed

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Words are capable of turning her on and making her want to have sex with you more often. Use them well.
In order to have a better sex life, you must be willing to understand what your partner needs. You must also make sure you use the right words.
Words are capable of turning her on and making her want to have sex with you more often.
Try these words the next time you are making love to her.
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1. “I love your…”
During sex, a woman wants to feel like you are present, and not just imagining that you are with some porn star when making love to her. So offering genuine compliments of her body part and why it turns you on so much will lead her to feel more secure.

2. “I love the way you taste.”
A lot of women feel a little insecure when you are down there performing oral. She will worry about how she tastes and smells. If she is more focused on her worries, she will not enjoy what you are doing, and she is not likely to orgasm. So calm her nerves by letting her know she tastes good and that you are actually enjoying yourself, not suffering through some ordeal.
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3. “You look so hot in that position.”
Assuming some sex positions might make your woman a little self-conscious. But knowing that the way her body is positioned is a turn-on for you will make her feel more comfortable. So, be sure to pay her a compliment in that area.

4. 'I like it when you...'
Women also want to feel like they are doing something right in the bedroom. So, let her know that what she is doing is hitting the right spot and she will feel more encouraged to do more.
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5. 'Being inside you feels so good'
Instead of thrusting into her and pretending she no longer exists, how about you let her know how being inside her feels? She wants you to feel pleasured, and sometimes, she needs to hear the words that you do. So, as you enter her, tell her how it feels and make things even hotter.

6. 'I'm cumming'
Sure, the signs that you are about to orgasm can seem obvious, but saying it can make things better. Telling her you are about to achieve that pleasure peak can really turn a girl on. She gets off on knowing she is getting you off, and the intensity of that feeling might even lead her to orgasm right along with you.