It was supposed to be a Thursday like any other for the Staff, students and the residents of the Camp to Obantoko areas of Abeokuta. But alas, it didn't turn out that way as aggrieved residents of Adejoke Hostel (which was robbed at around 1am this morning) and FUNAAB students who are all in grief at the high number of incessant robberies in the recent weeks all come out in the early hours of this morning to hold a protest by blocking vehicles of staff and commercial buses conveying students from going into the school premises.

This was going peacefully as initially planned and was gradually dying down until a thief was caught red handed and said to have stolen a phone was beaten by the mob at Isolu. The thief was reported to be an indigene and was also reported to have tried to make away with the phone but was caught by the protesters who were still angry over the Adejoke robbery incident. This made them pour out their anger in him and dealt mercilessly with him.

While all these were going on, a little fracas was started at Camp as reports stated that gunshots were heard as policemen were on ground and were using tear gas and to disperse the crowd. In the midst of the hullaballoo, *a first year student of the department of Forestry and Wildlife Management; Abisoye Taiwo was shot in the left eye and was initially rumoured to be dead* although according to an eye witness report, it was a can of tear gas that was ejected by the policeman who took the shot, but the victim was rendered unconscious due to the force and the range of the shot. The victim was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Idi Aba, Abeokuta where he was reported to be placed under Intensive Care by the NANS President, Comrade Opaleye Dotun p.k.a Zamora and executives of the FUNAAB Students' Union before he was taken to the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan for further treatment.

Although FUNAABITES clamoured for picture evidence to back up this claim, the NANS President and the excos explained to us that they were denied pictures by the doctors at the hospital. This claim was later confirmed by some students who were also at FMC at the time.

Meanwhile, the protest taking place at camp had escalated as protesters had taken the protest to another level, proceeding to the Kotopo and Eleweeran areas of Abeokuta; burning vehicles and vandalising some properties in the process (including the church of the Vice Chancellor; Divine Heights Bible Church). The policemen tried to disperse the protesters with tear gas and stones and some were also arrested as some of the witnesses reported cases of being chased by the policemen. The entire area was locked down for the time and there was very little movement from vehicles.

A report later came about the Commissioner of Police giving an order for students to be arrested. The order was instantly carried out as policemen began patrolling the all areas in Camp, and even going as far as arresting students in their houses. Although the NANS President, the FUNAAB Chief Security Officer (CSO) and some others are said to be working on their release.

Students staying around the camp and Isolu areas have been told to remain indoors today and tomorrow morning as the raids would still continue.

While all this happened outside the school, the school management declared a *7- day Mid semester break* starting from today. The information was dispersed via SMS and goes thus:
*“The  VC on behalf of Senate has declared a 7-day  mid semester break from Thur18 Aug 2016. Students should vacate the halls of residence latest 6pm.
Thank u”*
Although the Deputy Vice Chancellor Development (DVC Devp.), Prof. Enikomeyin and the DVC Academics Prof. Eromosele were at the various Halls of Residence to address students and assured the constant supply of water and electricity while imploring students not to leave the hostels until peace is restored.

But there was a level of joy for residents of the halls of residence as the food vendors at SUB made it a bonanza evening as the food they had cooked in anticipation for the busy day ahead could not be wasted. Students flooded SUB in a short time and free food was given to everyone on ground.

Guess it was a happy ending after all 😜😉

From the Umar Kabir Hall of Residence, FUNAAB, I remain my humble and passionate self #TheDrone, Omotayo .T. p.k.a Tayodepo reporting for TheBees Nigeria.