10 Practicable Ways to stop procrastination

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Have you been wondering why you don’t take some particular task serious but instead you easily find yourself doing miscellaneous things like chatting, playing games, watching movies, surfing forum and blogs but you actually know that you should be working but you are not, this is a phenomenon called procrastination

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Are we familiar or ever someone who delays or postpone important things to do not until the deadline before they begin to rush in other to meet up wishing they had started in time.  Those kind of people don’t usually take advantages of their free time, they squander and waste it on unnecessary things, they hardly complete a task successfully and in most cases they struggle to keep their performance above average level.
People with this kind of habit continues to do the same over and over again until they identify and realize that they are struggling with procrastination, here are ten different ways to solve the problem of procrastination:
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1. Break down your bulky task into pieces: some times when the task at hand is much, this can lead to procrastination, but we can break this work in to pieces that we can easily deal with once at a time, when you outline your task dealing with it stage by stage suddenly the work become simpler and easier than you taught.
2. Change your environment: the environment also has great impact on our behavior, it influence us in so many ways, it is said if one moves with great people and achievers, their behavior will influence and help shape ones behavior so as the same way its will do if you move with negative minds so you might need to change your environment because it has a great effect on us as an individual.
3. Have timetable and try to set deadline: this is very important for students in which the level of procrastinators among them is highly increasing in recent times, set timetable for your work and also set deadline for you complete a particular job, task, or assignment in a given or specific time.

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4. Remove your procrastinating factor: these things can easily be identified, because they are the things you turn to easily that takes up your time during procrastinating probably it is chatting or pinging, you have identify these things and caution yourself when you are about turning to them in other for you to put yourself back in the game.
5. Hang out with people that motivate you: just move with that push you do more, people that has a productive impact on you.
6. Have a buddy: having a companion helps a lot, not just ordinary companion but someone of like minds, who reminds you of your goal and both of you will serve as watchdog to one another, hold yourself accountable to each other toward your goal and objectives and in the process you will learn from each other.
7. Talk with and learn from authority in your area of specification: talking with people who are already experienced in the field helps so much, it makes you realize your goal is achievable, it brings calmness and some sense of believe and more confidence to you.
8. Remind yourself of your goal: this is also important in other words it will serve as a reminder between you, what you are doing and your goal.
9. Stop over contemplating issues: waiting for a particular time to do things because of unnecessary reasons, stop the taught because there’s never a perfect timing, because if you keep waiting for the perfect time, you are never going to achieve anything, over perfection is one of the reasons for procrastination.
10. Get a grip and take action: at the end it all boils down to taking action, you can take all the time to take surveys, planning and preparation but nothing will happen if you don’t take any action, just set you goals, understand the task ahead and know what you want achieve in the end and then take action.

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