Have sex once a week for a happy relationship

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Having sex every night can be tiring! Here are other ways you can be intimate with your partner.

How often do you have sex – Daily, twice or thrice a week or once a week?

Answer with care as it might reveal how happy your relationship is!
According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science couples who have sex once a week are happier than those who do it more often. So if you thought that engaging in sex every day or more than once a week meant a rocking relationship – you are WRONG. And if you knew this all along and do not relate intimacy with happiness, you are wrong too.

Just because you don’t want to have sex doesn’t mean you can’t get intimate with your partner! Here are things you can try:

Try phone sex/sexting: When penetrative sex is not in your plan, you can add zing to your life by flirting with your woman. And what can be a better way than sexting and sending her love messages when in office? If you are wondering is phone sex or sexting better than real sex, read this!
Watch a movie together: On days when you are too tired to get things going, you can watch a romantic or a horror movie on TV to keep the spark alive. It not only relaxes your mind but hugging your partner tightly is a great way to bond.

Plant a few kisses: Did you know kissing each other more often can break the ice between couples or act as a medium to call off a fight? Known to be an innate part of foreplay, kissing is the best way to convey love to your partner. Moreover, it acts as a perfect way to light the spark in your romantic life.

Play erotic games: Too bored to watch TV? Then play some erotic games to fill the atmosphere with some fun. A steamy night is all about having a pillow fight to naughty stripping games. Here are few tips that might help you get on track with sex games.