7 Places Nigerian Single Ladies Visit When Searching For Husband

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As a lady, they're expected to marry on time so they don't age and not be able to meet the necessary requirements as a wife, or become burden to her family.

Due to this desperation to marry, you'll find these unmarried ladies in so many places indirectly searching for Mr Right.Even if it's Mr Wrong, they will drag him to the Right.Lol!

7 Places Nigerian Single Ladies Visit When Searching For Husbands.

1. Churches

It has been already been noted that some Nigerian ladies no longer go to churches because they want to meet with God, buh rather they want to entice a young charming man in the congregation with well-tailored clothes that will meet their specifications.They don't mind attending all the church programmes in a day..

2. Luxurious Hotels

They don't care nor mind spending all their allowances or savings because they want to lodge into a luxurious hotel.They lodges into a luxurious hotel, having the mind that a rich guy might just throw her a Whistle when she's stylishly walking around the hotel's compound.They do strategize their movement especially when stylishly strolling around the hotel.Buh unfortunately, most of them won't get a date after spending all of their savings..Smh!

3. Parties

They attend every party whether invited or not.Nigerian single ladies are like MTN, "Everywhere You Go".They will make sure they take snapshots with all men that attended the party whether handsome or ugly, short or tall.Walking up and down the place even though there's absolutely nothing they're looking for.They're intentionally doing this to get noticed by men.Even their dressing will tell you that this lady didn't come to party without having an ulterior motive.

4. Social Network

Social network is like a second abode for some Nigerian single ladies seriously searching.They'll be on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Nairaland even 2go sef.I know these are chatting apps and anyone can use it.Buh they do update things like.."I need someone right now" , "Or My body is hot" , "I'm sexy and I know it with that half-Unclad pics, some even go Unclad completely.

5. Fast Food Restaurants

These ones are the jobless ones though.They will go there just to sit and gossip all day.They know about every guy that comes in there to eat, about their life history, the married and unmarried ones, they know them all.They don't mind wasting their time visiting the fast food restaurant every day.

6. Shopping Malls

They already know that these malls have lots of people visiting them daily.Some don't even have anything to buy buh to intentionally attract the attention of that brother, that only came to the mall, jejely to buy his stuffs.Ladies Ladies sha.

7. Bars And Sit Outs

This is also same like Fast food restaurant, the difference is that these ones have a reason for being in the bar, and that is to drink.Some desperate single ladies visit bars hoping a guy will approach her since bars are full of guys.If no man comes or none is noticing them, then what other choice do they have buh to get drunk.Yes na, such is life, drinking the misery and loneliness away.Seriously most of these ladies that do get drunk are caused by situation."Condition Makes Crayfish To Bend" *Lol*.

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