'You're literally not giving me the chance to answer!': The extraordinary moment David Cameron snaps at Kate Garraway as she interrupts him to ask about his record on immigration during EU discussion

David Cameron was today accused of letting the EU referendum pressure get to him after he snapped at ITV star Kate Garraway during another heated interview.
The Prime Minister interrupted the Good Morning Britain host in a row over his immigration record and told her: 'You're not giving me a chance to answer'.
Mr Cameron looked tired as he appeared on ITV this morning, hours after he was savaged by the audience during the Sky News EU debate and accused of 'waffling' and 'scaremongering'.
His clash with Ms Garraway led to viewers accusing him of being rude, with Leila Morby tweeting: 'Oi, Dave!! Don't talk like that to our Kate!!', while Maisie Feen said: 'Keep chipping at him Kate!!!'. 
David Jones tweeted: 'The pressure is really starting to show,David Cameron looks tired, defeated and down trodden'.
The row started when the Prime Minister was asked about his immigration record and Kate Garraway said: 'You still haven't answered how we will deal with it we stay in.'
The Prime Minister replied 'I am answering it. Let me give you some answers. First of all, for people outside the European Union, we've closed down the bogus colleges and we'll do more of that…'
Ms Garraway cut across to say: 'So why don't we get the numbers under 100,000 then, David?'
And he snapped back: 'You keep asking me a question then literally not giving me a chance to answer'.
In the same interview he said leaving the EU would be a 'terrible way' to cut immigration.
He conceded the influx of migration due to the EU's open borders had been a 'challenge' but warned voters that leaving would 'wreck the economy'.
The Prime Minister also insisted this morning that he will not quit if he loses the June 23 referendum, saying: 'I think it's perfectly possible to hold a referendum, have a result and get on with the job.'
He was up early after being taken to task by a student in last night's TV grilling.  
Soraya Bouazzaoui, an English Literature student at Southampton Solent University, accused him of lying to the public over the threats associated with staying in the EU and described his campaign so far as a 'complete shambles'. 
Mr Cameron's former Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith also tore into him this morning, branding him 'Pinocchio' for claiming he would want Britain to join the EU if we were not already a member.
But speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Mr Cameron attempted to fight back.
Addressing questions over immigration - a core concern among voters in the referendum, he said: 'Immigration is a challenge there's no doubt about that, it's been made more of a challenge by the fact that our economy has been growing and we've been successful and people have come to work here. 
'But I think that really the wrong answer, [is] wrecking our economy by coming out of the single market and hitting business and jobs in our economy - that would be a terrible way of trying to deal with this issue.' 
A growing number of Tory MPs have said they will force Mr Cameron out of Downing Street if voters back Brexit later this month and several backbench Tories say they will table a vote of no confidence in the premier even if he succeeds in keeping Britain in the EU. Read more