This is why you get so grumpy on planes

This is why you get so grumpy on planes 
You’re enraged by the loud breathing of the passenger sitting next to you. You can’t TAKE another announcement interrupting your very important movie-watching time. This orange juice is rubbish and you’re deeply frustrated.
Why does sitting on a plane turn you into a tetchy, grumpy version of your former self?
According to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it’s all down to one thing: first-class seats.
Research has found that air rage incidents are almost four times more likely to happen on planes with first-class cabins than those without them, and that 84% of air rage happens in economy class.
This is why you get so grumpy on planes
This is because knowing that first-class seats exist while you’re sitting in economy makes you keenly aware of any unfairness. You’re suddenly noticing all the things you don’t have, because you know about what first-class passengers do have.
This is made worse by all the various reminders that you’re in a lower class seat: the booking process, the different queues, the added time spent waiting to board, and having to walk through first-class to reach your seat.
This is why you get so grumpy on planes
But it turns out paying up for a first-class seat might not resolve your tetchiness. People who sit in first class end up having higher expectations for their flight experience – if it doesn’t measure up, they can get seriously p*ssed off.
The answer? Try to focus on the joy of flying.
Remember how amazing it is that you’re in the air, and be conscious of the fact that you’re able to have dinner up in the clouds (even when you’re eating mouthfuls of dry rice).

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And whatever you do, don’t keep peering into the first class cabins. It’ll only make you angry.

Source: Metro