THE HUNTED HUNTER (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)

There is an ongoing "AsoWood" Movies showing live in Nigeria.
The actors are:
1. Fayose
2. Buhari
4. Aisha
5. Ex-EFCC Boss
6. A Nigerian Attorney residing in US
7. Lai Mohammed
SCENE 1: Ayo Fayose bans cattle grazing in Ekiti
SCENE 2: Buhari vex used EFCC to freeze Ayo Fayose's Zenith Bank account
SCENE 3: Ayo Fayose vex exposed that Aisha Buhari was involved in the $750,000 Halliburton Scandal
SCENE 4:Ex-EFCC Boss vex defended Buhari that it was another Aisha Buhari that was involved in the scandal and released a mutilated Int'l Passport to support the claim.
SCENE 5: Ayo Fayose aides bursted the Int'l Passport showing it has been mutilated.
First picture: Int'l Passport released by EFCC to show it was a different Aisha Buhari.
Second picture: Fayose revealing the Int'l passport was mutilated.
The part two is released!
SCENE 1: There was an outrage on social media that Mr. Integrity (Buhari) is also fantastically corrupt following Fayose's revelation.
SCENE 2: Aisha Buhari bursted her suppressed silence and got out of control on her official Twitter Handle calling a sitting governor "unchained mad dog" and reveals that Buhari is 73, she Aisha Buhari is 45 so she has enough strength to face Fayose.
SCENE 3: Aisha Buhari's outrage got her more condemnations as well as terrible negative comments on Social media.
SCENE 4: Nigerians began to dissect Aisha Buhari's response as follows:
- That means Aisha is guilty, if not she should have behaved like GEJ who when they lied on him that he was on exile he simply returned to Nigeria to prove them wrong. So Aisha Buhari should travel to USA to prove them wrong rather than verbal insult on a sitting governor, husband and a father.
- That means Aisha Buhari is saying Buhari is a weakling at his age.
- That means Buhari was a 41 years old soldier when he married Aisha as a Primary school girl at the age of 13 and she had her first born for Buhari at the age of 14.
SCENE 5: Both PDP governors forum and PDP Senators, condemned the Buhari led APC impunity, witch-hunting, intimidation and harassment of PDP members using EFCC, DSS, ICPC etc and ask them to retrace their steps if they want to enjoy their supports.
SCENE 6: EFCC said armed funds from Dasuki and Senator Musili Obanikoro were traced to the Zenith Bank Account of Fayose, which he used for his campaign.
SCENE 7: Ayo Fayose debunked EFCC allegation as false and malicious explaining that his campaign funds came from free will donations by Nigerians and Zenith Bank assistant.
SCENE 8: Ayo Fayose challenged Buhari to ask EFCC to probe APC source of campaign funds as well, rather than witch-hunting PDP members.
(The Part Three is Released!)
A Nigerian Attorney residing in USA; Emeka Maduewesi,
San Francisco, California, USA.
Former Google Document Review Attorney at Google
The above authority from USA gave the drama a legal backing as he wrote as follows on his Facebook page:
No Office of First Lady: Dr. Kachikwu knows the real "Aisha" Buhari
I have been a lawyer in the United States since 2002. Once your practice will expose you to dealing with foreign corporations, you will mandatorily undergo a certified course in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, as amended, 15 U.S.C. §§ 78dd-1, et seq. ("FCPA").
I've gone through that course twice and have accessed all the documents in the case via PACER. The Nigerian Halliburton case - United States v. Tesler, et al., No. 09-cr-98 (S.D. Tex. Feb. 17, 2009), is the locus classicus in that area of law. All the other cases also involved Nigeria and Nigerians. What a corrupt country!
It was Jefferey Tesler who wire-transferred the bribe payments to or for the benefit of various Nigerian government officials, including officials of the executive branch of the Government of Nigeria, NNPC, and NLNG, and for the benefit of a political party in Nigeria.
If there is one clean man in Nigeria, that man is Dr. Ibe Kachikwu. He was involved in the investigation of this Halliburton case. The investigation turned him into the best resource for the US Department of Justice and thereafter, he would be invited to the United States to deliver lectures on the topic.
Dr. Ibe Kachikwu knows the real "Aisha" Buhari. I also know the real "Aisha" Buhari. She will never set foot on US soil. After all, there is no office of First Lady in Nigeria. So, even if the President visits, he will not be asked about the first lady.
Part Four is Released!
SCENE 1: The person whose passport photograph they forged into the International Passport raised alarm that her passport is used in the forgery without her knowledge and that her name is NOT Aisha Buhari adding that she knows nothing about the scandal.
SCENE 2: As more drama continued to unfold and as the social media outrightly condemned Aisha Buhari's outrages, she became ashamed and deleted the verbal insult on Fayose from her twitter handle
SCENE 3: Aisha Buhari asked Lai Mohammed to perform his duty to save her from the negative comments her post on her twitter handle was earning her.
SCENE 4: Lai Mohammed did what he is known for as he raised alarm that it was not Aisha Buhari the First Lady that insulted Ayo Fayose. Lai said it was PDP and their agents that hacked Aisha Buhari's Twitter account and posted "Unchained Mad dog" to discredit the owner of the official Twitter account, Aisha Buhari.
SCENE 5: Sahara Reporters released a statement without any source or any link, claiming it was from Zenith Bank denying what Fayose said on the source of his money.
The drama is just starting and it's becoming more interesting!