Militants launch fresh attacks on pipelines in Bayelsa

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The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), the militant group which has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks on oil installations, has again blown up pipelines in Bayelsa state.

‏According to the group, the incident happened around 2am on Wednesday.

“At about 2:00am today @NDAvengers  blew up the Ogboinbiri to Tebidaba and Clough Creek to Tebidaba Crude Oil pipelines in Bayelsa State,” NDA wrote on Twitter, bragging that the action was “in line with our promise to all international oil companies that Nigeria’s oil production will be Zero”.

Mudoch Agbinibo, NDA spokesman, later released a statement that the group had been able “to drop Nigeria’s oil production from 2 million barrels to just 800,000 barrels without killing a soul”.

This was in reaction to an earlier statement by the military that the group killed two soldiers.

“The Niger Delta Avengers were not involved in the attack of the Military houseboat around Warri, Delta state,” the statement read.

“Killing of sleeping soldiers is not our style. We promise the world that in this process of liberating our people, not a single blood of Nigerian soldiers will be wasted despite the provocation.

“Even the inhumane Nigerian soldiers are exempted, our war is on oil installations not to take innocent lives. For the fact we can’t give life, we also don’t have the power to take any life. But we (Avengers) are assuring the families of the affected soldiers that we will bring the culprits to book.

“When it’s time to face the military in combat let the whole world know that we won’t be the ones to throw the first punch.

“This message is going to all groups parading themselves as freedom fighters. You can fight for your people without killing innocent souls NDA have proved it. We are warning every group to follow our footsteps. The days of killing and kidnapping are over.”