Internet browsing in 3G speed with 2G data pack

3G speed in 2G data plan 
Do you have a 2G data plan and wanted to have a 3G speed in 2G data pack ? I hope this simple trick will help you to get 3G network speed in 2G data plan.

This simple trick will only speed up only your browsing speed and not the downloading. Your download speed would be still at 2G speed. And it is also depended on your network service provider.

Follow the steps below:

Tap on Menu.
Open phone Settings.
In settings under Wireless and Network, look for More Options.
Tap for option More Options.

Select on Mobile Networks.
Tap on select SIM Card. ( For dual SIM devices only)
Select SIM with active data plan.
Then check for option called Network Mode and Tap on it.
You will find three options called GSM only, WCDMA only and WCDMA/GSM mode.
Now select option as WCDMA Only.
Restart your Phone.

Now you can enjoy 3G browsing speed in your 2G data pack. Do not forget to share this trick with your friends and family.

Note and Conclusion:

Only browsing speed will be 3G. While downloading speed will still remain 2G.
Your Internet Service Provider should have 3G services in your region or country.
This settings might not work for few network providers.
If you find that this trick is not working for your network then please comment below. We would be happy to help you with few other settings.