Hillary hasn't had a single press conference in 2016 but promises one will be coming soon

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hasn't held a full-fledged press conference reporters in 2016, doing her last one in December, before the first primary votes were even cast     
While Hillary Clinton has boasted that she's done 300 interviews this year, she hasn't had a full-fledged press conference since December
Clinton and a campaign spokesperson both said the Democratic frontrunner would have a presser soon - but wouldn't nail down a date
Meanwhile, Clinton chided Donald Trump for his treatment of reporters yesterday who she said 'shamed' him into donating to vets

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton hasn't held a single press conference in 2016, with her last Q&A dating back to December in Iowa, before a single vote was cast.

Clinton acknowledged Tuesday that she hadn't had a scheduled chat with the press in nearly six months, with her last gaggle with reporters taking place on May 9th, but promised to hold one soon, a sentiment a campaign spokesperson reiterated today.

'I'm sure we will,' Clinton answered after CNN's Jake Tapper called her out for going without a press conference for so long. 'I was shocked myself that I've done nearly 300 interviews [this year]'

Kristina Schake, a deputy communications manager for the campaign, made a similar point on CNN today, noting how Clinton does 'interviews, she does town halls, she's literally taken thousands and thousands of questions.'

CNN's Kate Bolduan interrupted the surrogate asking if Clinton doesn't like press conferences.
'No, and, you know, you heard her say to Jake [Tapper] yesterday that she understands it's really important and you'll see her doing a lot of things going forward, press conferences, town halls, interviews, interviews,' Schake replied.  
'She'll do a lot to answer people's questions,' the spokeswoman added.

'She'll do a lot to answer people's questions. You know, Hillary knows how much is at stake in this election and she wants to talk to voters directly,' Schake also said, to which Bolduan replied that she could do those things at a press conference.

When the CNN anchor tried to pin down when the next Clinton press conference may be, Schake didn't give a direct answer.
'Well, right now, she's working her heart out in California,' Schake said. 'She's going to spend the next few days campaigning in California and then she looks forward to the campaign beyond that.'

When Boldaun's co-anchor John Berman asked Schake if she could guarantee a press conference before the California primary, which is in six days, she pivoted back to the voters again.

'Oh, you know, she answers questions all the time,' Schake said. 'She goes interviews all the time. She's going a lot of interviews with local reporters in California, and she was on CNN yesterday and MSNBC yesterday.'

'So she is doing a lot of interviews and she understands how important it is,' Schake said.
The spokeswoman then moved on to an attack line on the GOP's presumptive nominee Donald Trump.
'And I would say there's a real difference between Hillary and you look at how Donald Trump treated reporters yesterday and anyone who disagrees with him,' she said. 'He just belittles and insults.'
Berman said he was game to be belittled by Clinton if she wanted.

'We have to have a press conference to belittle,' he said.
'No, but she understands the important role of the press,' Schake answered. 'She has always respected that and she'll, as she said yesterday ... she'll do more of that in the future.'  
Way under the 300 cited, the Washington times has been keeping track of Clinton's interactions with the press.

The newspaper noted that she held a press conference in August – which wasn't supposed to be focused on her brewing email scandal, but that's the topic that took over – with the Democratic hopeful famously snarking 'with a cloth or something,' when asked about wiping her homebrew server clean of emails from her time at the State Department.

Fast forward to November in New Hampshire and she held one then. And then to December in Iowa when she answered reporters' questions, though it wasn't a formal, scheduled event.
Then she held the gaggle, when a small group of reporters is allowed to pose questions to the candidate, in May.

Since then Clinton's interactions with the press have mainly been through formalized interviews on the cable networks and with select media outlets, different than the free-for-all nature of a press conference Q&A.

Among the hundreds of interviews that Clinton mentioned were appearances on shows like 'Ellen' and 'Jimmy Kimmel,' which tend to avoid the most scandalous reports of the day.

Clinton's arm's distance approach with reporters makes her look much more guarded than her rivals.
Sen. Bernie Sanders didn't answer questions yesterday in California at an event that was billed as a 'press conference.'

On Wednesday, however, he took questions from national and local reporters on a myriad of issues at another event listed as a 'press conference' on fracking.
He first refused to entertain questions outside the boundaries of the topic at hand, but changed his mind midway through and opened up the event to questions on other subjects.

Donald Trump held his most recent press conference yesterday, something that Clinton, ironically, talked about with glee at her campaign rally today in Newark, New Jersey.
'Just yesterday we learned the truth about Donald Trump's big talk about helping veterans,' Clinton said.
'It turns out it wasn't until the press shamed him that he actually made the donations he had promised,' she continued. 'For months it has all been a publicity stunt.'  
Later on, she defended reporters once again.

'Yesterday it was the press he was attacking,' Clinton said of Trump. 'Now if you're in public life you're not always going to like what the press says about you,' said the candidate, who hasn't held a press conference since December.'