Clinton says Trump made violence at his rallies acceptable by setting a 'bad example' as Bernie Sanders implores protesters not to associate themselves with him

Hillary Clinton said Friday Donald Trump bears responsibility for the violence outside his rallies.
Clinton condemned physical assaults on Trump supporters by protesters but said, 'He set a very bad example. 
'He created an environment in which it seemed to be acceptable for someone running for president to be inciting violence, to be encouraging his supporters,' she told CNN on Friday. 'Now we're seeing people who are against him responding in kind -- it should all stop. It is not acceptable.'
Today at a press conference a reporter told Clinton's opponent for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, that some of the protesters said they planned to vote for him in Tuesday's primary.
'Violence is absolutely and totally unacceptable,' Sanders said. 'And I do not want anybody...if people are thinking about violence, please do not tell anybody you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, because those are not the supporters I want.'
Thursday night, protests against Trump got out of hand outside his rally in San Jose. A gang of anti-Trump demonstrators reportedly beat a man up. One woman had eggs and water bottles thrown at her. 
Protesters also attacked police, throwing signs, water bottles and traffic cones at them, news reports indicate. 
Four protesters were arrested. CNN said that some held signs that read 'We need socialism,' suggesting they are backing Sanders, a democratic socialist.
Sanders said today during a news conference on jobs and the economy at the University of California, Berkeley, he gets why so many Americans are disgusted with Trump - but violence isn't the answer.
'I understand how reprehensible and disgraceful Donald Trump's positions are, how ignorant they are....and I can understand the anger, I surely can, because I feel it,' Sanders said. 'I feel the bigotry that is coming from his mouth, the insults.