5 types of toxic friends you should get rid of ASAP!

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Some friends can drain you of your energy and leave you feeling empty. These are the five types of toxic friends you need to dump immediately for your own emotional well-being.

Other than your family, your friends are your support system and play an important role in shaping your life. Whether you notice it or not, your friends and their attitude influence you and your life decisions to a certain extent and that’s why it is important to choose your circle of friends wisely. Did you know, one friend is all you need to overcome hardships? The last thing you want is to end up with a toxic friend who only makes you feel bad about yourself and your life in general.

While it’s a known fact that you’re better off without a toxic friend, how do you identify one and what kind of behaviour patterns can be tagged as toxic anyway? If you’re wondering whether your friend is toxic or not, these are the six different types of toxic friends out there who have a negative impact on your life in very different ways:

1. The grudge holder
Disagreements and fights or arguments are an inevitable part of any friendship. It is also highly likely that you could unintentionally offend your friend by something you said or did and vice versa. Such situations are best dealt with by having a (face to face) conversation with your friend and clearing the air without letting emotions get the better of you.
Despite all your efforts, the friend who is a grudge holder will never forgive you. She might smile and accept your explanations and claim that it’s all water under the bridge, but she is merely suppressing her irrational anger and thoughts against you. A few months later, or even a few years down the line, she will bring up how you hurt her back then and treated her so unfairly.
Forgive and forget is not her mantra and one of her hobbies is making a mountain out of a molehill. She can either be passive aggressive or confrontational depending on her mood. After a while, hanging out with her will feel like being around a ticking time bomb.

2. The judgmental friend
This ‘friend’ believes it is her birthright to judge people based on their looks, what they wear, their career, sexual preference and just about everything else. Nitpicking and finding faults in others is what she thrives on. If you make the mistake of confiding in her and telling her about that time you had a one night stand or any other personal revelation, she will immediately label you as a slut or bitch.
She has a holier-than-thou attitude and openly criticizes you about your choices and decisions. Over a period of time, you also notice how hypocritical she is when she breaks her own rules and still continues judging others unabashedly. After meeting her, you feel emotionally drained and exhausted because of the negativity and bitchiness.

3. The narcissistic friend  
With this friend, it’s all about, ‘I, me and myself’. Even if you try to catch up with her after  a long time, she will ask how you are doing as a mere formality. She seems bored and uninterested when you talk about your life but the second she gets the chance to make the conversation all about herself, she will latch on to it. You then end up spending the next one hour listening to her go on and on about her ‘fabulous life’. She has a false sense of entitlement can that get tiring to deal with and she always ensures that she is the center of attention in any group. These are the 20 signs that you are living with a narcissist.

4. The backstabber
She’s really good at building a strong rapport with you and winning your trust. She will offer a shoulder to cry on and patiently listen to you and even encourage you to talk about your insecurities. Once you confide in her, she will use all this information against you. Before you know it, your colleagues or classmates know all about that embarrassing incident you went through in high school. She bonds with others over gossip with others. If you both have a fight or argument, she won’t think twice before spreading rumours about you. Yes, such friends exist even in your 20’s!

5. The superficial ‘friend’
She places  a lot of importance on being popular and liked by everyone. For her, it is important to be seen around good looking and successful people in hopes that their popularity will rub off on her. While she might actually be a cool person to hang out with in the beginning, as soon as she gets the chance to hang out with someone more popular in your workplace or college, she will ditch you without even thinking twice. She will contact you only when she needs something or doesn’t have anyone else to kill time with. Sadly, this obsession over being popular doesn’t end in school or college. These are the 4 peaceful ways to break-up with a friend.