In the light of the recent announcement by
the federal government of person increase of
pump price of fuel to 145naira per litre, it has
become pertinent to come up with a few
measures to help cushion the harsh effect of
the increase. Here are a few tips to help you;
Buy walking shoes and an umbrella for short
distance trips. Nigerians naturally are lazy
particularly the car owners. You find that
even to go to the kiosk down your street, you
hop into your car(guilty!). This fuel increase
might just help you shed a few kgs as you
begin to take long walks to places you would
ordinarily drive to. If its less than a 5mins
drive, walk it!
It is quite common in Nigeria to find The
living within the same neighbourhood and all
working withing the same area all hop into
their respective cars and drive to work and
back. Try car polling this period. Identify
people in sake neighbourhood that work
within the same place you do and you can all
take turns to drive the others on a weekly
basis. For those with kids this might also be
helpful. Identify other parents whose kids
attend same school as your child and work
out an arrangement to pick the kids in turns.
You will be amazed how much fuel you will
save by doing this. Car polling is quite
common in the western world.
You can give your car a break occasionally
and hop on a bus or cab. It doesnt pull a hair
from your head believe me. And im not
talking about taking a drop here, im talking
about a regular bus where you sit beside
other human beings and pay regular fare like
every other person. After my car broke down
2 months ago, i took cab drops a few times
but after doing the maths, i realised I'd be
spending a minimum of 30,000 naira monthly
if i wanted to keep taking drops. So i
cautioned myself, ate humble pie,walked to
the side of the road, and started taking the
regular 'along' cab for 100 naira as against
500 drop. Thats saving 800 naira every day.
Now multiply that by 5 days a week, and 20
days a month... And you know what...i am
saving over 16,000 Naira monthly on cab.
people hop on a train or bus when they travel
out of the country.
its also quite common in the western world to
cycle to work especially if the job is not far
from the house. Its fuel free and eco friendly
and it keeps you in good shape. I'm gonna get
myself a pretty pink bike and cycle myself to
church and the market and maybe even to
THis one is for those that use generators. You
might want Of explore the option of switching
to solar inverters to power your electronic
appliances. With the over 35 degrees sun we
log been having lately, this should save you a
lot of money in fuel and diesel. Regular
inverters too are not a bad idea but then you
would still need batteries to power that. Learn
to put off appliances that are not in use to
conserve energy too. Its quite common in this
part of the world to put on appliances when
no one is using them. Lets learn to conserve
energy and save money while doing that.
A wise man once said "“Life isn’t about
waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about
learning how to dance in the rain.".After
every storm the sun will smile again.
Hard times prepare us for hopeful future.
Hard times refine us like gold. In hard times,
hang on to hope. Once you choose hope,
anything’s possible. Challenges are what make
life interesting and overcoming them is what
makes life meaningful. We shall certainly
survive this and become better.
Dont forget...