The senate, poison in the belly of Nigeria State

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Following the corruption allegation rocking political gladiators in the upper chamber of the national assembly has raised series of unanswered questions about the integrity of the member of the red chamber.
The present 5th assembly since inauguration has began to play internal politicking that start from emergence of its leader Senator Saraki representing kwara central that did not go down with his party [APC] and see him as devoid the party  and ever since then all has not be going well with the senate president.

Before the senator Saraki fully emerges as the senate president there has been some alleged corruption cases and false asset declaration pending with the Code of Conduct Bereau.
This event has seen the senate president having more time to for politicking and to fight back as he sees his case with the code of conduct bureau as witch hunted by some political big wit in the party even if the allegation against him were true.

This has also seen the member of the red chamber divided over the support for its leader and also bring about power play among the senators as some even leave their primary duty to go to CCTB court in solidarity for its leader.

There has been several cases where the senate president will suspend the house so that he will have time to battle his case with the code of conduct bureau.

This precious time been wasted could be used to deliberate on delicate matter, but instead has seen majority senator even going to court proceedings with the senate president who ought to step down and clear its name or the senate to be united in stamping out impunity in the red chamber by telling its leader to clear its name once and for all but instead of one eyed man leading men with full sight the wrong way as senator saraki still see the case as witch hunting.

But once more thanks to the present government who is making sure that the moves by the senate president to stop the judgement are in vain and justice is served
Recently the senate approved to acquired over 30 million naira SUVs as utility vehicle, even when the NLC and the people kicked against it that it will be too expensive for the state to afford in the present economy, the few and lonely voice of some of its member against the act is low against the political gladiator who are selfish, self centered and has set out to bleed the Nigeria state irrespective of the circumstances.

What did you expect from people whose campaign promises are: i will build this, i will do that, as if that is function of a legislator, research has show that some of them will have nothing to show their constituency if not for the constituency project as some of them can not actively engage or raise valid issue bordering the country but instead play along by the saying ‘I SUPPORT, I SUPPORT’ all through their time.

Note that the national assembly is yet to comply with single treasury account policy [TSA] because of its shady dealings and the TSA will stop the business from being as usual .

One can come to conclusion that the majority of the present senate are in the red chamber are out to milk the Nigerian state after they have wreck havoc on their states as governors.

The senate can be likened to a poor and helpless little boy who has headache but has no money to buy paracetamol to relief the pain of the headache but only has to endure the pain and hope the pain go away soon.

Ayinlade Sikiru A.