Sexual Satisfaction: Marry this kind of woman for a better sex life

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Last year, researchers found that on average, once a week was the ideal amount of sex for a couple to be having in order to maintain happiness in a relationship.

One problem a lot of married couples encounter is the fact that while most men prefer to have regular sex, women have a lower sex drive. Certainly, this is not a problem for every couple.
One way to reduce the probability of having this be an issue in your marriage is to simply choose the right partner with the right personality trait.
According to a recent study which analyzed 278 newlywed heterosexual couples, the likelihood of regular sex may lie in a personality trait. A female one, in particular: openness to new experiences.

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Participants in the study, who recorded sexual activity in a diary for researchers, were also asked to take a Big Five personality test. While the male’s personalities were found to have no bearing on the frequency of sexual encounters, the study showed the more open to experience or agreeableness that a woman was, the more frequently she and her partner were likely to be engaging in sex.

In short? Openness as a female personality trait was directly correlated to the frequency of intercourse each couple had.

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It also played a role in the sexual satisfaction of the relationships —again, women were likely to see a positive correlation between their level of openness and their sexual satisfaction. Men with this same trait, interestingly enough, were found to have opposite, negatively correlated satisfaction levels.