Sex Tip: Workout together in a gym to get in the mood

If you thought that working out together is one of the most boring things in the world, you are wrong! In reality, it will only boost your relationship and help you get close to each other. Even most couples believe that having sex in a gym is really hot, as working out together in the gym not only helps you to spend time together after a long, stressful day but also helps you to get into the mood. Moreover, it also helps you to last longer in bed. And as far as converting your exercise regimen into a steamy affair is concerned, spending the most time together gives you more chances to get intimate than any other act.
If you are falling short of ideas to turn your workout into a sexy one, here are few tips that might help!
#1. As you workout together in the gym, be it plank or abdominal crunches, planting a few kisses on your partner’s forehead is all you need to send a signal to your man of what is in store for the night!
#2. Starting your day with simply skipping with your partner helps you to get close to your partner in the early morning. And you never know when it can turn into an amazing quickie.
#3. If you swear by jogging than holding your partner’s hands while jogging is an excellent way to light the spark in your sex life.
#4. Known to be a great workout, swimming together not only helps in burning calories but also act as a great sex booster. And what’s more, you can even revisit your memories by having sex in the swimming pool, which will only add to your romance.
#5. You can even get naughty on a bean bag. An integral part of a workout, bean bag offers you the right place and support to get started. Here’s how to have an intimate experience on a bean bag.