See Why You Should not shave Your Pr!vate part Hairs again (Must Read)

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As per LA Times, two French dermatologists and a global health researcher from Emory University have suggested that an upsurge in the spread of the se.xually transmitted molluscum cantagiosum virus over the last decade might be attributable to the trend of shaving or waxing the hair around the genitals.

If you have an autoimmune disease your risk of catching one is higher

Pretty common nowadays is the extensive removal of hair in the nether-regions, but the practice can come at a price for many. According to the Oxford Journals  the risk of contracting an infection is increased if you are an immunosuppressed individual. In particular they document how a 20-year-old Australian woman who had poorly controlled type 1 diabetes contracted Streptococcus Pyogenes and the Herpes Simplex Virus after her skin ripped during a Brazilian wax.

Do not remove your pubes unless you want an STI, says science

Rumour has it both men and women who have se.x straight after removing their pubic hair promote the cultivation of STIs. The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery therefore suggest that you should refrain from any hanky-panky for a little while after waxing.

Try not to burn yourself

If you have ever been waxed before, you will know that it can get pretty bloody hot. So you have to be very careful prior to smothering yourself in the stuff, it hurts like hell to get off, but it will hurt a lot more if you burn yourself beforehand.

Sometimes people’s skin actually rips off

You will be more prone to “skin lifting” if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis or take medication that thins your blood. But, you are not the only ones out there who can have their skin seriously damaged from a dodgy waxing session. This 48-year-old woman had a Brazilian. It was not just her hair that was removed, her skin was too.

Shaving can cause the big itch

Dry shaving is a big no-no because it can cause big itch, however, it turns out that even when you shave in warm water with plenty of lotion you can experience the big itch. This is because of folliculitis– when recently shaved hair re-grow out of the follicle and curl back around.
Well, there you have it people, even though we may think we are doing ourselves (and others) a favor by ridding our bodies of hair, it turns out that we could be doing more harm than good.